DIY – Fall Maintenance Tip #2

Fall is the perfect time to do home maintenance. Aside from Gutter cleaning, a roof inspection is just as important to protect your home from future potential issues.

If you are physically unable or uncomfortable climbing a ladder tall enough to reach your roof safely, please consult a professional.

Before climbing ladder, ensure the ladder is level and does not rock from side to side or front to back. Wear appropriate shoes for walking on shingles, metal, or slate, etc. type roofing. (Footwear could vary depending on the type of roof you have installed.)

Below is a list of items to check during a DIY fall roof inspection for homeowners.


  • Check for up-turned, bent, or missing shingles – damaged shingles can lead to a leaking roof. As the weather cools down, shingles can become brittle (which could result in further damage).
  • Use a proper roofing sealant to seal shingles where damaged.
  • Use a proper roofing sealant to seal cracks and obvious damage in and around valleys if damage is apparent.
  • Remove loose debris from roof top – you could remove debris piece by piece or by using a gas powered blower
  • Check chimney flashing
  • Check chimney opening – if you plan on using a fireplace or stove during the winter months, check to ensure no large debris is clogging your chimney stack.
  • If you do not have a shingle over ridge vent system, check turbines to ensure they are not bent closed to ensure proper venting of your attic. Clean debris and leaves away from turtle vents. Also, check the flashing/seal around each.
  • Take notice of “soft spots” when walking on the roof. Soft spots could lead to a potential problem later.
  • If you have low hanging tree limbs near  your roof line, trim them back to keep trees limbs and debris off your roof.

If you are unable to complete this type of maintenance safely, please contact a professional.