Cold/Icy Weather

The State of Tennessee declared a State of Emergency 2 days ago due to the extreme cold temperatures and large amounts of ice and snow.  Let’s not forget to check in on those who do not get out much. Have you checked on your neighbors lately? You never know when you may be someone’s angel.

Also, with the temperatures being so extreme it is a good idea to address some common issues such as protecting our plumbing pipes. It’s a good idea to open the cabinet doors under your sinks and turn the faucets on to allow the water to drip.

Although this is not 100% fool-proof, this could help prevent the water lines inside your home from freezing.

If your water does freeze up, open your cabinet doors to allow the heat inside your home to circulate around your pipes under the sink. Be sure to turn the faucets on also to allow the air in the room to slowly circulate this way also. This is generally the safest and most effective way to thaw out the pipes without resulting in further damage. Be sure to listen for running water while thawing the pipes to ensure your pipes did not bust open. This will only help if the pipe are frozen on the inside of your home. If your water has frozen on the outside of the home near the water meter, other options will be needed to resolve the problem.

We hope everyone stays safe out there. Be sure to bundle up if you have to go out and stay warm.